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Extraordinary Juices are designed to help you to restart a new beginning with your body. Improve energy with fresh nutrients and give your body a break from the daily foods.

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Juice nutrients can help support overall health and well-being.
Fruits and vegetables are an excellent alternative if you do not normally like eating raw fruits and vegetables. Juicing is a great way to start enjoying them and their benefits. It is important to remember that moderation is key when consuming juices. It is recommended to consume them in their natural form, without added preservatives, and to complement them with a healthy diet.

Why Choose Xtra Juice.

Best quality food and coffee maker
Start your day with a healthy morning juice and feel Extraordinary, natural juices can be a satisfying and low-calorie option to include in a balanced diet. They can help increase satiety, and provide essential nutrients without excessive calorie intake.
Improve digestion
Boost immune system
Increase energy levels
Helps your skin

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Quick-Start Juicing
PROGRAM #1 (3 x 3 Day Cleanse)

Embark on our revitalizing 3 x 3 Day Juice Cleanse featuring three daily nutrient-packed juices. While detoxing, we recommend a wholesome breakfast, excluding dairy, alcohol, and sweets. Elevate your detox with increased fruit, vegetable, and quality protein intake, promoting improved digestion and a radiant glow.

What’s included
Healthy Morning (detox)
Glow Juice (visionary)
Vitamin ABC (beauty juice)
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Quick-Start Juicing
PROGRAM #2 (5 Day Cleanse)

Embark on 5 rejuvenating days of wellness with 10 100% fresh juices and 10 wellness shots.

What’s included
Start each morning with a 12oz celery juice.
Boost nutrition absorption with a wellness shot before lunch.
Enjoy your second juice whenever you like; options available on the menu.
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Feeling Extraordinary (2 Week Program)

Elevate your well-being with our two-week program designed to rejuvenate your body and transform your lifestyle. Natural juices aid in resetting your body, boosting energy levels, restoring gut health, and promoting radiant skin. Embrace positive well-being and practice discipline.

What’s included
Kickstart each morning with a wellness shot, followed by a nutritious breakfast after 30 minutes.
Enjoy your next juice before lunch or as a refreshing beverage.
Feeling Extraordinary is a two weeks program that includes 20 Fresh Juices to support your immune system and good health + 12 Wellness shots.
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